Mamo in english

Mamo — strong folk voices from Finland.

Mamo is an ensemble of four singers with a deep interest in the possibilities of the human voice. Their music is inspired by traditional Finnish, Bulgarian and Karelian singing styles.

Together with the bulgarian Vaya Quartet, Mamo released the critically acclaimed record ”Finno-Balkan Voices” in 2014. The record has been frequently played in the world music programs of European radio stations. In 2016 Mamo will release their first album, the theme is love in all it's forms.

The four singers in Mamo – Emmi Kuittinen, Emmi Kujanpää, Juulia Salonen and Mira Törmälä – are all versatile professional musicians who work with teaching, composing, research and performing.

Mamo perform as guest musicians on Teija Niku’s record "Finsko Pajdusko" and in the short animated film "Mankeli the Mangel" by Jan Andersson and Katja Kettu.

On the Media page you can find links to Mamo's soundcloud page and youtube channel.